Gold IFT

Revolutionizing the world of gold, our program harnesses EA technology for automated, informed trading. Seamlessly seize market opportunities to optimize your returns.


Our EA has been backtested for serveral years. The profit it generates when you hire it is guaranteed.


All transfer requests will be processed and paid within 24 hours.


DDoS protection, SSL encryption, and top-notch servers/software guarantee maximum security for your peace of mind.


Register free, rent EA, share affiliate link, earn 5% commission from your partner.

EA Rental Plan

Based on the calculated profit margin and the performance of the EA, we provide a tailored plan for our clients with the most stable time frame and profit.

Gold EA Rental

  • Rental Period: 130 Business Days
  • Min-Max Capital: $20-$10000
  • Capital Included: Yes
  • Total Return: 130%
  • Accepted: Payeer, TRX, USDT(TRC20)

Gold EA - Live Performance

  • The total amount of profitable trades. Their percentage of the total amount of trades is given in brackets. 243 (73.63%)The total amount of losing trades. Their percentage of the total amount of trades is given in brackets. 87 (26.36%)Open orders were present on the trading account for 2.48% of time (3 days 23 hours 11 minutes) within the total Signal monitoring period (159 days 15 hours).Maximum experienced deposit loadThe money drawdown shows the maximal drawdown fixed in money terms and is the largest difference between the last maximum and the current minimum. It can exceed the absolute drawdown and helps to see the amount of possible loss even for a rather profitable trading. Its value at the moment of reaching this drawdown is given in percents in brackets. Trades made by Expert Advisors0%50%100+%Profit Trades:73.6%Loss Trades:26.4%Trading activity: 2.2%Max depositload: 28.2%Maximumdrawdown: 20%Algo trading: 100%

Frequently Asked Questions